Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday with Twitter

Another great reason to get on Twitter: LegoAcademics.  Add that to the long, looooooong list of great, simple ideas that I didn't think of.

Another is J Univ Rejection.  That's just flat out mean.

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  1. At the last meeting of my course, I gave my graduate students a lecture on plagiarism. Till I'd segued to that topic, we were ending on such a high note, but then I took a giant dump on the mood. I felt like shit as I dismissed them and thought I shouldn't have done it; surely they'd experienced Turnitin, SafeAssign etc. as undergrads and had already heard the same lectures, thus my pleadings were unneeded and definitely unwanted. They looked crestfallen as they shuffled from the room.

    A few days later, a thesis draft came into my inbox. I optimistically submitted it to Turnitin -- 20% overlap, not necessarily bad for a STEM paper that uses certain boilerplate methods. But then I saw that the intro/background section was a 70% overlap with a thesis from the same lab, as was the works cited. Complete with the subtle but discernable change in fonts where the "new, original" material was appended to the old.

    Thanks, asshole. You just validated why I need to keep giving this lecture and feeling like shit and making others feel like shit till I retire.