Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm with you, Greta - at least the intoxicated part

Sorry for the late start.  Once classes start, people expect me to do work in the morning.  Sheesh.

From College Misery, March 20, 2012

bad haiku on the vernal equinox

the sun mocks me, fierce
and too warm for late winter.
spring break? these essays

await, my break too
short, this winter too weak, and
everything as wrong

as the trees leafing
in mid-march where winter once
ended in april.

instead, we are all
intoxicated: shattered
records and pollen

counts and no rain and
daffodils spent, and growing
grass--and all too much

too soon, and i am
ready for none of it. this
weak winter beat me,

all around. this week,
i surrender, giving up
not in, submitting

not to the work but
to the job. the weak winter
bested me but lost

to spring, which loses
too soon now to summer--rough,
this cycle that seems

as unseemly as
the essays that stalked me through
spring break in this year

of a soft season
strong enough to teach me my
place in all of it.

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  1. Wow! You guys start the fall term early, Ben. I hope there are compensations at other times of the year (preferably those with better weather).