Tuesday, August 5, 2014

If you bring vodka to a meeting, you might have to share

I read each of Greta's haiku poems as I post them.  So far, we've cycled through four semesters.  Fall 2012 appears to hold exactly what I expect from fall 2014.  I love the academic cycle.

From College Misery, September 19, 2012

first bad haiku for a new semester


i prick my finger
on the hawthorn tree -- it stings
like these first rough drafts.


o, adminiflake!
your shiny emptiness is
a beacon to none.


o, proffieflake!  thank you
for taking my idea.
the crow steals gold, too.


autumn's chill:  fleece and
jeans to the meeting?  yes, but --
sadly -- no vodka.

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