Thursday, August 21, 2014

Students and faculty miss summer but for different reasons

Dr. Jekyll:  Never have I had such a sense of foreboding.

Prof. Hyde:  You must be referring to the impending start of the new semester.

Dr. Jekyll:  Yes.  I fear all of the wonderful momentum I have going regarding my research is about to end in ignominious fashion.

Prof. Hyde: Ah, but teaching is why you got into the profession.

Dr. Jekyll:  Only to learn that teaching matters not a whit at most institutions.

Prof. Hyde:  But the university is forever expounding on the excellence of its teachers…

Dr. Jekyll: …while only rewarding research.

Prof Hyde:  So the university says one thing to the public--

Dr. Jekyll:  --but in private conducts its business in a much different manner.

Prof. Hyde:  It’s almost as if the university presents a friendly face to the public, but behind closed doors it becomes a different monster altogether. 

Dr. Jekyll:  Perhaps I could create a metaphor to describe this two-faced situation.

Prof. Hyde: Perhaps.

-- Dr. Jekyll and Prof. Hyde


  1. On the other hand, Simon Cowell, Ted Nugent, and Prince Philip are all noted for saying what they think, and look at all the criticism they take for it. Try doing that with students, even if it's honest, constructive, and well warranted, and they'll immediately go crying to the dean.