Monday, August 18, 2014

Dr. Amelia takes a campus tour. How was the rock climbing wall?

This week, we'll intersperse new and old content as everybody gets back to work with our wonderful students and colleagues.  I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation.

Here's our very own Dr. A!

Beaker Ben


Amelia Jr. is getting to the age where college is looming in the future. So while we were on summer vacation, we were near a university that has a program in her interest area and so we booked a campus tour.

Very interesting to see it from the other side.

High school students with tours booked were named on a sign board graphic thingie, like they are movie stars. Um... The visitor center had a photo book like they have in the mall, where you could put on a mascot costume and take 4 little pictures. Yeah.

Then the formal part started. There was a 15 minute video. In the video, we learned that the school a) had great athletic teams b) had FUN student activities c) had students who made friends with each other. They didn't mention academics or classes. At all. Huh?

That was the tour.

Junior is pretty good at the whole math and science thing, and we were there mostly because of an engineering program we have. The tour went by some dorms, a cafeteria, the big gym (we learned that girls do cardio, boys do weights and they put the girls on the top level so the boys can ogle them - thanks, tour guide!).

Then we went to an academic building. We sat in a classroom, where the tour guide told us professors are not allowed to erase the board during class so that students can just take a picture of the board at the end and, nifty! Notes!

We also learned that the big, mean school makes the students take both a math class and two science classes. "Everyone has to take math, and two science classes," he said. At this point Amelia leaned over and said "Doesn't he mean everyone GETS to take math and at least two science classes?"

I don't think she was impressed.

I wonder what they say at the tours at my school.

-- Dr. Amelia

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