Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Early Thirsty from Wombat of the Copier

What's that - a cry for help?  Quick, to the dictionary!

I need a word for a person who is the makings of a great toady, but works in an environment that is so devoid of structure, he is, after 8 months with the institution, unable to latch onto an apposite target. I feel like there must be an AWC reader who knows one, or can make one up. 


  1. An excellent Thirsty, with admirable curriculum-development-avoidance value.

    This "licker without a boot" has embarked on an "alphaquest" because he or she suffers from "fawnerlust." But I think fake German has the most potential here: this person's behavior is a clear example of arschleckerbeschnuffeln.

  2. I humbly suggest "free-swimming lamprey."

  3. My current department Chair. Anytime any higher-up is present, he sucks up by spewing a stream of logical fallacies, even when there's nothing to be gained by it. The next time he does this, I'm going to point out that this didn't do any good for Mitt Romney.

  4. How about unattached brown-noser? Proffie Galore, your nice word means a**-liicker. How about "ungebundene Archkriecher"? That's someone who creeps into other's a**es on all fours, but is currently unattached?