Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A student gives Greta the bird

Greta says hi to everybody at AWC.  She says the haiku are just what she needed to get through her summer classes.  To everybody: I hope you find something here that helps you get by or even get ahead.

From College Misery, October 15, 2012

bad monday morning haiku


a frosty monday
morning brings misery: one
unhappy little

bird, a sad, hapless
creature that nonetheless learned
a universal

song: a single note
repeated -- shrill, insistent --
and brilliantly aimed

at my boss, whose aim
is to keep peace rather than
to find truth, this time.

i knew this time would
come, when finally a good
man would wear out, give

in, and give me no
option but to do the same.
like water on stone,

this erosion of
will is most unwelcome yet

intractable, in
every way a force that can
no longer be stopped.

one little bird, no
more interested in flight
than the ostrich -- but

bigger than all of
our efforts, fledgling and else,
to keep a true course.

the truth: a coarse chirp
again and again, then no
song but surrender.


  1. Hi Greta, your haiku always make me smile or laugh or cry (all good responses, in my book).

  2. This is one of *my* favorites (though I have been lucky in my bosses, and mostly in my students, so far, I can see how this happens. And those students who are difficult often seem to have some very ingrained habits of not-quite-coping, and can be remarkably discombobulated when their accustomed approach doesn't get the expected response, so the one-note shrillness rings true).

    Hi, Greta! Glad to hear you're out there and following along; sorry you (too) have summer classes. When we're feeling deflated, as in the haiku Ben has posted above, I think getting an actual summer off is one thing that might help (of course, what I, at least, would really like is an old-fashioned sabbatical, but, after 5 or so years of teaching in the summer, even a summer off is beginning to sound pretty good. Diminished expectations for the win.)

  3. I must say, one of the things I really like about Greta's poems is the attunement to the cycle of the seasons, so I'm feeling a little discombobulated myself as we move rapidly through the years. But I'm enjoying the tour nonetheless.