Monday, July 14, 2014

You've got mail, the real goddamned kind, all week long.

This week's rerun theme will be my favorite feature of College Misery: Real Goddamned Mail.  We'll take this collection of valuable reader advice in no particular order.  Today the wayback machine is tuned to January 23, 2013.

Real Goddamned Mail With Leslie K.


  • I think it would be smart if you gave an award, or posted a little graphic that notes which posts get the most comments. I'm attaching something that maybe you could modify, or if you want, you can just make your own graphic. This would really help ramp up the quality of posts, which are sometimes pretty lame.

  • You have to put a lid on Xxxxxxx. He is ruining any good will your website earns with otherwise interesting ideas.

  • I want to tell you that I'm not going to visit the site anymore. I thought it was sort of clever when I first started reading it, but it's clear now that you're engaged in a futile enterprise. Good luck getting out of the sinkhole.

  • I posted a comment on the Xxxxxxx post yesterday and Xxxxxxxx took a really cheap shot at me. I know she's one of your "favorites," but I really wish you'd enforce the rules more fairly.

  • My post got buried yesterday under some useless fluff and so I went in and changed the time of mine so it appeared at the top of the page. Then someone (I'm thinking it must have been you) moved it back to when I originally posted. I don't think that's fair. I'm actually trying to get some conversation going, and you can tell by the number of comments I get that I usually do that. Could you allow me to repost the same item tomorrow so people get a chance to read it?

  • I want to tell Xxxxxxx that he's a real douchebag, but don't want the comment to come from me. Can you post this - verbatim - under the name Rick from Racine? Thank you. "You, sire, are a douchebag. Suck it, suck it, suck it."

  • Can't you get some new writers. Jesus, this is the same juco complaining that this page always suffers under. Some of the examples in the stories are too ridiculous and tired. I'd think that you could contact some people at different colleges, 4 year colleges, and get their voices on here. Otherwise this page is going to continue dying.

  • This may sound petty, but when I put a post up a couple of days ago I used Trebuchet font. Then someone changed it to boring Arial. I think this might have happened before. I choose my fonts based on the tenor of my post and I want that to be reflected in what readers actually see, not what you think the page should look like. I understand you're the mods and all, but if you want to really build your foundation and get some real creativity, you won't hamstring us at every turn. I sent this same email last year to whoever was running the page and I didn't even get an answer. How is that right?

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