Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You want to know what's the hardest part of Greta Week at AWC?

Coming up with something interesting to say at the beginning of each post.  Still working on it.

From College Misery, February 6, 2011

bad sunday morning haiku


the snow day threw the
snowflakes in more ways than one.
"what's due?! and when?!! waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!"


my chiropractor
laments the new spurs between
my shoulders. i tell

him, "this one is called,
'probation.' this one is called,
'(tor)mentor. and this

one, 'all the pretty
snowflakes.' he says, 'therapy.'
i opt for vodka.


essays to grade, no
willpower, no ambition.
it must be sunday.

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