Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday with Twitter

Step aside for a moment, Greta.  Haiku is nice and all that but there's another, more recent literary form that is equally impressive.  I speak of the Tweet.

Some weeks on Twitter are pretty slow, especially during the summer.  This was not one of those weeks.  Christ, I'm not getting any work done.


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  2. The messages in which the writer expresses dread that July is coming to an end sounded very familiar to me.

    I had similar sentiments while I was teaching. Each year, we got about 2 months off during the summer, starting about mid-June and ending roughly mid-August. July was the only month throughout the entire year in which I actually felt like a human being. When August came, any sense of contentment I might have had began fading because I knew that, later that month, I would be returning to my institution and back to receiving stress and mental abuse from students, colleagues, and supervisors.

    I quit my teaching position a dozen years ago. I sometimes look back and wonder how on earth I put up with it.

  3. The one about the passive voice was well taken.
    Wait, let's try something representative of a STEM paper. "The samples were centrifuged at 8000g for 90 minutes." "We centrifuged the samples at 8000g for 90 minutes." Same word count, and no real difference in readability. But I don't believe "we" did this particular thing; your lab tech or your unshaven grad student did it, alone. And I don't care who did it as long as it was repeatable. Mainly, I want to know what was done to the samples.