Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thank you, Thing.

From College Misery, September 13, 2011

Real Goddamned Mail.

I always thought the "real goddamned mail" posts were hyperbole, wondrous exaggerations. No more. My first collection:

  • Two things about your new header. It's too dark. And a child's pain is never something to celebrate or mock.

  • I posted "Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx" the other day and it only got 1 comment. I think it's a very important topic, and I was wondering if it's okay that I post it again until I get some good feedback.

  • i know its against the god-forfended rules to bitch about people in the comments, but i wish you'd send this note along privately to Xxxxxxxx. "Ps, you're a douche. 100 proof douche."

  • Why don't you organize all of this? It seems to me that it's just a big list of posts with no rhyme or reason. I don't even know where to start.

  • I'm sick to death of 9/11 stories, how everyone was so impacted. I lived in NYC at the time. I was impacted. Droning and twee proffies in Ohio and Arkansas who watched it on CNN don't know shit about it, and they have co-opted the experience for themselves as if they knew anything. I guarantee you that the same people could write overlong and dull remembrances of Katrina because Anderson Cooper told them about it. You all have minimized the entire event as yet more "LOOK AT ME" pseudo journalistic trash.

  • Whatever happened to (fill in some previous poster)? He/she was the only one worth a shit on your page.

  • Whatever happened to (fill in some previous poster)? You probably banned him/her because he/she gave you too much to think about.

  • I used to love this page, but it's so incredibly boring. Why don't you exert some influence and bring it back?

  • Could you lighten your grip on things? Everytime something  good gets going in comments, you post some idiotic new post about the most inane matters. You're killing the page..

  • Who's Presto?

  • Where's Fab?

  • I'm glad that Fab's gone. The page has run much more smoothly since he left.

  • I wish you'd let Fab run the page again. The whole site has gone off the rails since he left.

  • You always give the same people Post of the Week. I respect your right to pick the ones written by your friends, but you should make it available to anyone. I'm surprised you don't give it to your own posts!



  1. Third time trying to post. I hope this doesn't mean I've posted the same comment three times.

    Reading the mail was always like reading my course evaluations. No one was reasonable and everyone contradicted each other.

    1. I've been having periodic trouble, too. At least for me (using Firefox), it works to sign in to google first (or, if I forget, write the comment and then copy it so I can paste it back in after I sign in). If I try hitting "publish" without signing in first, I get redirected to the sign in, but my comment isn't there anymore when I come back. I'm having the same problem on other blogger blogs, so it's not just AWC. Maybe it's a plot on google's part to try to persuade us to stay logged in all the time? If so, it's not going to work on those of us trying to avoid blowing our pseudonymous cover by commenting with the wrong account.

      And yes, there is a remarkable resemblance between course evaluations and RGM, right down to the "was everybody really sitting in the same class/reading the same blog?!?" reaction.

  2. Reading these RGM postings reminds me of just how petty, trivial, and small-minded many academics can be. (My former colleagues at that podunk institution I used to teach at are a good example.) On the whole, they don't seem to be different than other people, except they have more education.

    Then again, I knew that long before I started my teaching position. In the department where I started grad studies, I ended up sitting in on faculty meetings. My illusions of professors being a noble lot were quickly shattered. Issues like those in the RGM comments often led to situations in which it wouldn't have taken much for a fistfight to break out.

    1. It is my own personal failing that I forget this. No matter how long I'm around academics, I'm always surprised that they act so Goddamned stupid.