Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday news

Did you realize that we needed another reason to dislike Duke University?  I wasn't aware either but apparently it's true.  Duke University is suing to prevent John Wayne's family from selling Duke bourbon.  I can only imagine how Southern Bubba is taking this news.

I'm still thinking about this story - not a news story, just a story - and I thought you might find it worthwhile.  Our pay isn't great but for a variety of reasons, academics tend to love their work.  I'm guilty of bringing work home with me at night, working during family vacations, and postponing vacations so that I can get more work done on campus.  My job "requires" me to do this but I could get a job at a different school with different standards for research.  Really, I chose this job and I'm happy with it.  Thankfully, the lovely Mrs. Beaker Ben accommodates this lifestyle.  If this is similar to your work-life balance, read this story, written by the widow of a law professor.  Here's a taste:
Yes, he was a great academic mentor and collaborator, but the price for all that frenzied output was me, and there's a part of me that will never forgive him for it, because he died right after he promised to slow down and enjoy life itself more.
Think about it.  Think about it today.  Think about it while you are goofing off with friends and family and not thinking about work.  Have a relaxing Saturday!

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  1. I may dislike Duke, but the hot dog sin that graphic make me hungry.