Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday morning linyx

I didn't realize that politicians forcing the state university to accept their family members would amount to a scandal.  That's what's happening in Texas.  I don't say this often but perhaps I'm too cynical.

Slate featured a story about Everest College, a for-profit college, letting in a student with a 3rd grade education.  That's completely unacceptable, unless the kid is an athlete or the parents are major donors or alumni.

But wait, there's more!  The company that owns Everest College and many other schools is in trouble with the US Department of Education for altering grades and attendance records so that they can look better for promotional materials.  The silver lining: faculty can now use this as an excuse to not change the grade of a whining student.  I don't want my university to get into trouble for changing grades.

There's news in another investigation of inappropriate academic behavior.  The DA is dropping charges against the professor who taught the bogus classes for athletes at UNC.  This is good since it means that the professor is cooperating and will spill the beans against administrators who are more responsible.

Here's some news: Don't date your effing grad students.  It can turn into a big mess.

You've probably heard about the ASU professor who was arrested for jaywalking.  Contingent Cassandra sends this story from Inside Higher Ed and an update from AZCentral.  While I'm sympathetic to her claim that she was profiled and I think the city should provide a better way for people to cross the street to avoid the construction, you don't argue with police unless you want this type of outcome.  Did she think they would be deferential to professors?

Have a good weekend!  We've got a full week of new posts by AWC readers.  Keep sending them in.

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