Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Readers have their say about Walt. (You can't unsee that graphic. I've tried.)

From Rate Your Students, November 18, 2008


On Walt and the Regulars.

  • I'm guessing the email exchange with Walt was about 50% hyperbolic, am I right?

  • "Regulars"? You mean you give more space to people who are on the site all the time anyway?

  • Walt, darling, you have got to up the medication.

  • There is only one true original. And Walt is not it.

  • That's a nice fridge, Walt brags about. I wonder if it's as dirty inside as Walt's soul is.

  • New feature? Didn't we beat the features down earlier when we made you stop doing JobFinder?

  • Are you REALLY trying to kill the page, because "the Regulars" will do it.

  • Wait, you mean to say the "Irregulars," right?

  • I'm over Walter. Could you please give us more Weepy Wayne?

  • I'm betting Walt is pissed at you guys.

  • Whoa, so nobody cares about the cartoons on my door and if I don't have a window, I'm a loser? That's all Walter's got?

  • Walter is a nut, okay, we all see that, but his thoughts on Deans are right on. Oh, and on cats. And offices. And students.

  • That Walter sleeps in his office comes as no surprise to me.

  • Of all the features this year, this one has the most potential. Don't fuck it up.

  • Seriously, who does these graphics. If that's really Walter, I'd say you've captured him. If not, then I'd imagine you'll have a lawsuit on your hands. Slander, libel, whatever applies.

  • Uh, I haven't got my invite to become a regular yet. What does it take? I've been called a frequent correspondent twice. What kind of a boy's club is this anyway?

  • Oh, God, please don't post another 29 posts from Texas Dipshit, okay?

  • I would pay real Texas money to get access to whatever blog Walter is planning. Ted Nugent as a spokesmen? Sponsored by Browning rifles? I'm just saying.

  • I'd buy a Wicked Walter nightshirt.

  • Are you seriously out of ideas over there?

  • I know Walter, I really do. And he's easier to take online than in person.


  1. Replies
    1. You'll need to talk with Yaro about that. I only repost what's available.

      I continue to enjoy reflecting on how the work of each person - Yaro, Katie and Walt - holds up over time. Wicked Walter was always one of my favorites and my favorite of all the RYS/CM badass characters. Still, his stuff seems less interesting as a rerun than Katie's or Yaro's writings.