Thursday, July 10, 2014

omg the bookstore!

I am getting charged late fees for the "late" return of my book rentals.  The semester still has 4 weeks to go.  I was told there is "no way" to differentiate between 5 week and 10 week sessions and that the fines will be reversed when I return the books. 

We also have 1, 3, 8 and 15 week sessions during the summer.  I asked why the fees didn't start accruing when the earlier sessions ended.  "They are on a different schedule."  yeah - no shit - so are those of use in 10 week courses and students in 5 week courses.  I thought there was "no way" to differentiate.

So apparently they think it's easier to fine a bunch of people then give back money than it would be to separate 5 and 10 week sessions after having already separated 1, 3, 8 and 15. 

So now they are charging me fines that, with the original rental fee, exceed the price of the book.  If anything goes wrong with this reimbursement process, I will lose my mind.

-- Wombat of the Copier


  1. What's the advantage of renting the book vs. buying it and selling it back? Do you spend less that way, or is it more the guarantee that you won't lose the opportunity to sell back if the publisher comes out with a new edition? I have to admit I haven't yet figured out this new "book rental" thing (other than to conclude that it's undoubtedly making the publishers at least as much money as it's saving students. Or maybe it's just a last-ditch attempt to get students to pay something for textbooks at all? At least in my experience, students, who are understandably wary of being gouged, have become extremely reluctant to buy textbooks at all. Needless to say, this doesn't work out well for anybody, including the publishers, though I feel considerably less sympathy for them than for the others involved in the debacle.)

  2. I learned in the navy to dread having to depend on a dull mind. As one of my 9th-grade teachers said, "No one wants a dummy on their team."

  3. I bet they make some money from those that never ask for the refund.

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