Wednesday, July 30, 2014

May your spring break always return

I don't get the first stanza.  Any help?

From College Misery, March 12, 2011

bad midterm break saturday haiku


cuisine-challenged bridge
substructure symbionts...mmmm...
you taste like chicken.


the sun disappears as i
reach for more essays.


spring break, elusive
creature, you vanish as day
breaks, a misty waif

chased away by more
committee work, more reading,
more essays--email,

the slack of my pre-tenure
leash. poor spring break, you

delicate thing, will
you return again? if so,
retrieve my soul, please?


  1. CCBSS=trolls. It's a reference to this comic, which it looks like I linked to on CM on 3/11/11, when we were presumably having problems with same (the CM archive appears to be offline at the moment, but google has it cached).

    1. Ah ha! Thanks.

      CM goes down periodically for unknown (to me) reasons. It's come back every time so far.

  2. You can follow the trail of how CC came to mention the CCBSS at CM in this series of posts:

    Upon being discovered for what it was, the troll "parent" disappeared, followed the next day by Greta's haiku which alluded to the incident.

    1. Thanks for digging up those posts.

      BTW, I don't know what's up with CM being offline again. I've received a couple of emails about it already. In the past, I've emailed Cal, Leslie and Fab about it and the site appears again soon after. Like so many of the best things in life, the presence of the College Misery website is to be enjoyed but not fully understood.

      I'm thankful to the internet wayback machine and cached pages. Otherwise, this would be a very slow summer at AWC.