Friday, July 18, 2014

Like a knight's last suit of armor, this is the end of mail.

From College Misery, July 12, 2011

Real Goddamned Mail. Special Edition.

Below is an email that came in during the 12 or so hours after Blogger updated its software once again. For a time, many readers couldn't access the page. I've been out of the country with some family, so wasn't aware of it until the mail started to fly. The writer below (deliciously) is a frequent commenter on our page, and although I'm always a bit tempted to out the "real mail" people, he/she can be assured I won't do that. But, please, if the page seems broken temporarily, don't assume the worst:

This is it. I am so sick of how you choose to just block anyone with a different opinion. I used to scoff at honest_prof and anonymous - what vain and petty men. But now I see it as they do.

As if you didn't know. I've tried to view CM today, and got a message that I was blocked. I can only assume it's because I don't read back the party line to you and the rest of your yahoos. Well, that's fine. But why don't you have the stones to answer any of the emails I've sent today since I found out that you banned me from the page? Are you a chickenshit in addition to being - well, a double chickenshit, I guess.

What good is this page if you don't allow it to live and breathe. You seem consumed with squelching the slightest bit of controversy. How do you ever get any work done at school if you're constantly deleting comments, and snuffing out the virtual life of anyone - and I'm the latest - who deigns to see the academy in a different way.

For all the bullshit about this place being "our page," you certainly rule it with a hammer dick. Well, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you!

There are enough of us who are sick of how you run the page, and I have designs to start a competing page. What competition? All I have to do is tell 5 friends about my page and I'll swamp your hit count within a month. And my page will be free, open, full of discussions right and rangy and too damn real for the likes of you.

I've tried to keep my cool all this time as I've watched you manhandle the page and shoo away the real talents. But now I'll just bury you instead.

How about that? I bet you won't answer this email either, you coward.

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