Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Jerkface" - what a great word

From College Misery, March 17, 2011

Real Goddamned Mail. Jerkface Edition.

  • I don't like the current header for the page.

  • I don't think you should argue with people on the blog. You're supposed to be above it all.

  • Your goal as moderator is to inspire discussion, not shut it down.

  • I don't like the current background image. I can't even tell what it is.

  • You should not change the background of the page so often. I'd just gotten used to it and now it's different. Branding, people. It's always branding.

  • I'm not sure I always get the humor on this site. If you want to reach a lot of people, you might consider more mainstream remarks and references.

  • I'm a parent of a college student and I hope that you are not a professor at his school. You're a jerkface.

  • I wish that the most popular writers could have their posts always at the top of the page. I get sick of scrolling over the dumb stories.

  • I wish you wouldn't link to articles at other magazines. If I wanted to read CNN or something I would do it. I don't need you telling me there's information there that I should click to read.

  • You should consider developing more writers so that it's not the same people sending in things all the time.

  • I don't know why you even allow Commenter A to be a part of your blog. He's a complete idiot.

  • If it wasn't for Commenter A, I'd never read this shitty page. He's the only one who seems to understand what's wrong with you all.

  • I posted Xxxxxxxx yesterday and then some other people posted right on top of me. I mean it was only a few minutes after I posted. So, could you move my post to the top tomorrow and leave it there all day?

  • I posted something two days ago and only got 5 comments. Can you repost it so that more people see it and write about it?

  • Do you submit the best posts of the day to the Chronicle or something? You should consider that. I wrote Xxxxxxxxx last week and I think it was pretty good. Maybe you'd like to send it to the Chronicle for them to link to it. I'd be happy to find you a name.

  • The font on the page is too small. I'm one of those sliverbacks you like to make fun of, and I need reading glasses even for my Kindle. I don't want to work so hard.

  • I used to read this page but I don't anymore.

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