Friday, July 18, 2014

In America, you run blog. In Russia, blog runs you

From College Misery, February 10, 2011

Real Goddamned Mail - For Strelly!

During a several hour period, many CM readers were under the impression that Strelnikov has become the moderator of the page. (We don't know how they got that impression, but perhaps the map of Leningrad in the background helped seal the fantasy.)

Anyway, here's some of the mail that came in:


  • What, are you cracked or something? I hate that motherfucking bastard. He's always just on the edge of needing psychotropic meds or a visit from the CIA. I won't read the page once he takes over.

  • Of all the people you could have asked, you asked Strelnikov? Why not Stella or Motor City Mitch, who are clearly the wisest people on here, or even Yaro, who would class the joint up. But not Strelnikov. If I hear one more of his bullshit riffs on Cold War politics or his thoughts on Russian rifles, I'll just die.

  • I posted something about you on your first post and you've already deleted it. I figured as much. You're an asshole like the other assholes who run the page. Your censorship shows how frightened you really are of real ideas and intellect.

  • I hate that this happens. I just gave this blog's address to some colleagues of mine. I know it's always been a little scandalous, but now with you in charge I'm sure it's going to get meaner and more ridiculous. Do the right thing, Strelnikov, and don't change the place. Don't use your sledgehammer style to ruin it. How did you get the gig, by the way? Did they ask you? Un-fucking-real.

  • I predict that the rampant censorship already on the page is going to skyrocket. One of the "in crowd" is in charge and that's exactly what will drive most of the remaining readers away.

  • You're kidding, right? I hope.

  • This is the end of the blog. I hope you're happy.

  • You're a jerk. If you delete one of my comments I'm never coming back.

  • Can this be thought over some more? Is Leslie K still reading this mail? Please don't let Strelnikov take over. He's been openly hostile to certain people and groups in the comments and I fear that he will completely ruin the page. You've shown tremendous restraint and intelligence in handling trolls and nasty comments. I suspect - I know - that Strelnikov will not. He'll fight fire with fire (and attribute it to a great Russian general (like they ever had one). Please stop this before it goes any further.

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