Thursday, July 31, 2014

Greta gets hammered

It's shaping up to be a hell of a day for me.  I could use some hammers.  Putting some people out of their misery would relieve me of my misery.

From College Misery, August 25, 2011

really bad thursday haiku


on the nature of
summer: a bird contemplates
available light.


light enough to fly
through space and time, yet havoc
hammers my inbox.


the snowflake hammers
me in august. the t.v.
says, good night, irene.



  1. Ben! Oh no! I hope your misery ends soon!

    1. Thankfully for everybody, all tools stayed in the toolbox. At the last minute, we got lucky and found classes for all the students and faculty for all the classes. Hurray.

    2. Glad it worked out. They've solved a similar problem in our neck of the woods by shoving a few more students into each section. I'm willing to accept that it's a necessary decision under the circumstances, but, of course, it affects those of use who teach 4/4 a lot more than those who teach 2/2 (and that's before you take into account the fact that those teaching 2/2 usually aren't teaching sections of the required classes for which the overwhelming demand exists). I suppose I should be glad there is demand for the skills I've honed over several decades, but I do wish that demand were somehow reflected in my salary and other conditions of employment. At the moment, there seems to be a nearly inverse relationship between student/institutional demand for particular classes and how well the people who teach those classes are compensated and otherwise treated.