Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I wonder if Fab ever shouted, "I'm a real goddamned male!" That would be funny.

From College Misery, February 21, 2012

Real Goddamned Mail - Homer Simpson Edition.

Got these emails today from one guy:

  • Hey, is your new moderator a prof at Xxxxxxx College in Xxxxxxx?

  • I just met a guy at my college who says he's one of the moderators at CM. His name is Xxxxxx Xxx. Is that right? I think he's pulling my leg.

  • Xxxxxx, are you reading my emails? If this is really you, put up a Homer Simpson cartoon on the blog so I know. I believe you man, but I gots to have my Homer!

  • Hi, I've written a number of emails this morning and haven't gotten a reply. Could you get back to me?

  • Xxxxx, I call bullshit on you, man. If you're the majordomo of the majordojo, then prove it to me. I'm going to be in my office until 2.

  • Hi, I think some guy is pulling my leg. What's the name of the current moderator? I want to confirm that he's not this guy I work with. Or you can just put up a picture of Homer Simpson. 

  • Dear College Misery, My name is Xxxxxx Xxxxxx. Can you tell me if Xxxxxxx Xxx is affiliated with your blog? I'm trying to confirm something.

  • FUCKER! I bet it's not even you. 

  • Hello, I've sent a number of emails since 9 am and I still haven't heard back. Could someone contact me right away?

  • Xxxxx, I just saw you leave the building, you little shit.


  1. We really are worse than students, aren't we?

    1. We're bad, no doubt, but you should see what they post on Twitter. It's not even close.

    2. Oh, I'm on there. ;) You have even posted one of my tweets here (but I use my real name there so haven't "outed" myself on here to claim the tweet.