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I suppose I should be happy that I don't have to put up with this type of shit

This post might be the genesis of the "Miami 4."  I'm 8 beers into a six pack so who the fuck know.s

From College Misery, November 22, 2013

Real Goddamned Mail. November Edition.

I don't have a unifying theme for these today. They're just a collection of complaints from the past couple of weeks.
  • What I don't understand is why you have this rule: "When the page has a surfeit of posts on a given day, the moderators reserve the right to delay a post to an upcoming day." if you're not going to use it. One day last week you had 5 posts up between midnight and 5 am. And then you let two more people post items. Guess where mine was? Right on the fucking bottom. Thank you. Nobody saw it and nobody responded. I love this page, but there's no point in writing posts when you're going to allow a flood to drown posters occasionally. Why have the rule? Use the fucking thing.

  • This place feels like the Chronicle forums. And that's the worst insult I've got for you. Where is the fun?

  • Every time I post something, which is not very often, it seems that a number of people post right on top of me. In fact Xxxxxxx has done it the last two times I've posted. Now her post has been at the top of the page from 9 am eastern time until 11 PM. Where's mine? It's in the group of posts that don't get read. I posted early in the morning and got screwed again.

  • Just because Xxxxxxxx is a favorite here doesn't mean he's immune from the rules. I thought he was very rude to Xxxxxxxxx yesterday. I can't believe you have so little control of what happens on the blog. You're the one with the password, right? Why don't you maintain things better?

  • I think it would be better if your background was more recognizable. Occasionally I can see that it's a building or a group of students, but the last couple are just blurry blobs. I think it makes the page look amateurish.

  • I had two of my comments deleted the other day. Fuck you and your bullshit blog. 

  • I think you should get the blog promoted on the Chronicle or IHE. You'd get a lot more readers and it would give your posts a little more credibility. Right now it comes off as a bunch of cranks.

  • I am so tired of your made up drama. I'm convinced that there really is only 4 of you and this is some kind of performance art. But the problem is, your insane nattering gets read by other people, academics and non-academics. You are feeding the impression that professors are bitter, humorless, and ineffectual. That is not the case in my experience. You are providing terrible role models to your "audience." I request that you shut the page down and maybe work a little hard to publish in the real world, not just on some website.

  • Could you regulate the number of posts a day? Somedays there's nothing but a rerun from Rate My Students and other days you have 6-7. That doesn't make any sense. Don't you coordinate these postings at all. There's no rhyme or reason to it. I truly don't get it. I've been reading for more than a year and it always seems as if the blog is just ridiculously poorly run.

  • Most academic blogs have 1 post a day. Why do you think you have to put up every idiotic whim that gets sent to you. I don't have a problem if Beaker Ben posts once a week or some of the other good writers. But a LOT of posts come from "College Misery," who I suppose is every idiot who has your email address. Can't you exercise a little discretion? You seem to bring to the public every fart heard in every wind. I'm bored with it.

  • Hi. I was introduced to your page yesterday by a colleague. I read his post and about 20 others. I can tell from the number of hits, the advertising, and the number of comments that a lot of you take it all very seriously and want it to work. My evaluation after checking things out is: Yawn. 

Posted by College Misery

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