Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yaro Week episode 3: Me. Yaro. Talking.

From College Misery, April 1, 2011.

Hey, it's me, Yaro.

Jesus Murphy, these fucking kids are going to break my stooped back. Why can't they get one fucking thing right?

I mean I've been phoning it in at Dullard University since I got tenure in the 80s...1880s! Can you feel me? But still, I expect the little bastards to work.

But, no, it's Dr. Yaro this and Dr. Yaro that, and none of it finishes with them giving me their fucking projects on time. I'm about ready to pull the ripcord.

The only thing that stops me is the endless line of sorority candy I get to eyeball. Hey, I'm married, not buried! What Mrs. Yaro doesn't know won't hurt her, can I get a "Wha?" "Wha?"

Anyway, I hadn't written in a while, and so there it is.

Another fucking Yaro masterpiece.

Me, Yaro, Peace!


  1. What amazes me is at the end of the semester... It is spelled out in my syllabus that assignments can be submitted up to 24 hours late and will be docked 50%. I remind them of this as the final week of the semester approaches. Yet there are always a few that want to submit their assignments late, presumably without penalty. Of course, they are the first to complain when grades are not posted immediately.