Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday comics

A good evening and happy Father's Day to all.

What do you get when academic snark combines with Hummel figurines?  Precious Academic Moments.

Contingent Cassandra reminds me that f you thought Garry Trudeau had run out of great ideas, get yourself a paintball gun and think again.
Here's a new comic suggested by somebody on Twitter:  Prepare yourself for Savage Chickens.

There's this, sent in by Krabby Kathy.  At first, I laughed at the author's jokes because I thought it was pretty well done satire.  Then I thought the author might be serious.  That makes me laugh at him.

Have a good rest of the day.  Prepare for the next round of reruns from College Misery and Rate Your Students.


  1. Savage Chickens is pretty good...I'll be following now. Thanks for the lead.

  2. Savage Chickens is, indeed, pretty good (and a balm to my soul after a semester in which I couldn't seem to write a multiple-choice exam that the majority of my students could pass, even though I wasn't trying to make the tea-partying things hard).

    As for Dr. Oppenheimer, I suppose he won't be joining the bit of performance art/satire/critique currently in vogue in Canada: underpaid professors applying in groups of 4 for the job of a recently-retired very-well-paid college president.