Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday morning news

Central Michigan professor protects his life and property from door-to-door vacuum salesmen.  Shockingly, he was drinking at the time.  Now that's multi-tasking!

Meanwhile, in India, the editorial staff of the college newspaper and a campus official were arrested after printing a story that was critical of the prime minister.

If this this story is true, the jails will be full of faculty from research universities.
The President of Cathedral Bible College in Marion, went before a Federal judge Thursday afternoon on charges that he forced multiple international students to perform forced labor and paid them far below minimum wage.
I see what the problem is.  This is a college so it shouldn't have graduate programs.  This type of behavior is perfectly normal and allowed at universities.

Have a good Saturday!

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  1. So someone gets fired for having his face on a beer bottle and someone doesn't get fired for "forced" labor. TAs and GAs don't count?