Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday links

A professor is fired because a beer company used his face on their beer cans.  Here's an NBC news video.  I had trouble embedding it in the webpage, which turned out to be real blessing.  My search for a more web-friendly video yielded this from TYT University videos:

They get all the facts basically correct and it's a lot funnier.

I didn't know having your face on a beer can was a thing these days.  Thanks for letting me know.  It is now on my To Do list.  Beaker Ben's Bavarian Brew...

How do you get your name mentioned among the general public?  Don't waste your time publishing or winning research awards.  Just bring a grenade to the airport.  "Officials shut down the airport’s Terminal One and delayed five flights for more than two hours as 800 passengers waited."  That sure helps our image.  The charges were dropped but the article didn't say why.

The new president of the University of Hawaii system says that offering more online classes is, "one of the ways we can take on more students without adding faculty."  We should at least give him points for honesty about the real benefits of online education.  You won't be surprised to learn that before he was system president, he was head of IT.  Click here and start at about 1:15 to hear it in his own voice.

have a happy Saturday!


  1. I once worked security at an airport, pre-9/11. I was on x-ray machine duty and I found a grenade in someone's carry-on. I figured I was being tested by the FAA or that I was going to explode. This genius, military trainer put the dummy, demo grenade in his carry-on. He was not arrested, charged, or detained. Today, things would have gotten put into lock down, but back then we did not even stop flights or evacuate people. I always felt he should have been ticketed for stupidity!!!

  2. Ben, your bucket list had better include a few years to cultivate such an awesome facial hairdo.

    The guy's Facebook post (0:37 in the video) says it all: he doesn't own the image or receive compensation for its use, and it previously has been used for many things including "Lubbock Young Life worship services". "As a sociologist who studies popular culture & symbolic interaction the diverse areas where the image appears makes it a great educational tool."

    So what was the problem? The mission of Charleston Central University (why do I suspect degree inflation?) is "Promoting Academic Excellence in a Christian Environment."

    Alas, there's no beer in the New Testament. What if the image had appeared on a wine label?

    1. Only valid if what went into the bottle was water, PG.

  3. Charleston Southern kind of has a reputation. This isn't their first scandal, and it won't be their last. There's a reason they made the AAUP's censure list.