Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday afternoon links

Wombat of the Copier sent this too me.  I can't decide whether this should be news for today or something funny for Sunday.  A high school principal is busted for plagiarizing a farewell letter to students.

I'm often less than impressed by faculty (excluding adjuncts) who claim that they are speaking truth to power or questioning authority when they rail against the government.  This guy, however, is the real deal.

It appears that some people are having trouble dealing with the football off-season.  In fact, many are resorting to watching soccer.  I can see the similarities between the two games.  Removing everything from football except the green field, punts and field goals, you've got soccer.  I can see the allure of this beautiful game.  Anyway, here's a professor explaining the history of the word "soccer."  He even has an English accent so he sounds extra smart.


  1. Yeah, not cool: plagiarizing and then trying to deflect. Simply admit to being a lazy SOB and quit your job!

  2. It gets better. They think he did it last year too. Unfortunately, I think this link only works for local cable subscribers, but if you can see this, the students comments are priceless:

    1. Wombat, you deserve a Pulitzer for your dissemination of these links. It's all so very delicious. I had no problem accessing the link. I encourage everybody to savor this.