Friday, June 27, 2014

A CM post from Katie. A rare gem indeed.

Oops, I fibbed yesterday.  There is one Katie post at CM.  Of course she'd want to leave this one up for the world to see.  Her conference paper was great, as if you didn't already know.


From College Misery, June 8, 2011

On the Wire Today From Kalamazoo....

You all know that I support the idea of venting from time to time. But recently I've just become so annoyed at CM and its bitter cacophony of bitter voices.

I don't know why summer is so hard for you. I've got two articles in progress and have just returned from a rather important conference. My colleagues there were charged, engaged, and not a one vented or bitched about their students. They were pushing forward with scholarship and teaching ideas. (I even found a new possible collaborator for future papers, and yes, my paper went great.)

Since returning from that I've tidied up several parts of my second book proposal, and celebrated the doctoral defense of one of my long time friends. It's great to be in academe. It's great to have the jobs we have and the mission to teach and lead, write and read.

If you wallow in "misery," you will be miserable. Is that a point you miss?


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