Thursday, June 26, 2014

Katie: The beginning of the end

We have here a note from his near-holiness, Fabio Sunshine, founding father of College Misery and all-around good guy.  There are no posts by Katie on College Misery now but I recommend that you check out the comments to this post by clicking here or the original post title below and scroll down.


From College Misery, September 13, 2010.

A Note From Fab on Katie.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was run an academic blog...haha! I've said from the beginning that though I was happy to be one of several old RYS readers who got the new site up, everything I've done has been an attempt to not have to do anything else!!! But this little Katie scuffle just seemed to put people ill at ease and I wanted to clear up anything I could so we could get on with - the Misery.

I got an email from Katie tonight, from the same college address that corresponds to her earlier posts here and (according to Cal) all of her posts to RYS.

She was contrite and a little angry, but the gist was that even though she felt ganged up on, that she also felt a little foolish. She admitted that she liked having fun on this site and the one that came before, and somehow the whole thing just spiraled a bit, and when her real identity and her blog identity became the topic of discussion of an otherwise sort of neutral question about Kindle, she wanted to just get out of the way of all of it.

She has taken down her previous posts, and of course the 2 posts from today which caused the ruckus. That's her prerogative, I guess, as the Blogger software allows such a thing.

The truth is she's posted at RYS and at CM under the moniker Katie from Kalamazoo. She's at times been combative, although some people found her awfully smart and funny as well, and she hasn't always reacted well when her shit disturbing - well, when it disturbed people's shit.

She tells me she won't be coming around anymore, and I will take her at her word. I replied to her that I thought she brought a lot of it on herself, and in the hour since I haven't heard back from her. She is no longer listed among the page's correspondents, and she's the only one (save for me) who could remove herself from that list.

I'm sorry if the page's focus got fucked up during this. Personally I like it when the page is about how our role as academics make us miserable. When it strays into other areas I just think it's less interesting. But that's just me.


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