Friday, June 27, 2014

And it's all downhill from here for Katie

ANOTHER note from Fab about Katie.  As Yaro is my witness, that guy put up with a lot of shit.


From College Misery, July 19, 2011

Katie from Kalamazoo. The Legend. The Myth.


27 minutes after I posted the recent note from "Katie from Kalamazoo," an academic blogger wrote to me (from the nearly identical IP address at a public uni in the Midwest) that she did not want to be associated with our site, and that she had not sent the post. She asked me to take it down, which I have done. (This post does appear on this blogger's own site as well, but she is pseudonymous there, with no connection to her real world academic life.)

There are a number of factors that complicate this, including the fact that I've been contacted by this person before about other such posts, and that someone who identified herself as this academic blogger AND as Katie, has contacted me from the same IP address at the same university.

Perhaps I'm just a dupe, but until I can prove otherwise, I think it's fair to take down the post.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Many RYS/CM readers know who Katie actually is, and are readers of her blog. But no one is more confused than me concerning this.

At one end of the spectrum I'm being played by Katie - who actually IS this other academic blogger. At the other end - maybe more likely now - someone at her own school knows who she is and is tweaking her.

Regardless, over the years, "Katie" has been a favorite among RYS/CM readers, and - I'm guessing - will continue in that role.


  1. Fab was (is), indeed, a paragon of patience in the face of others' nutty behavior. And three years later, I'm still wondering exactly what happened. I'm 99.9999% sure the craziness originated entirely from Katie's location, but whether from Katie alone or Katie plus someone else -- ??????