Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday with Twitter

It's final exam grading season so Twitter was lit up with complaints and commiseration. Here's some of the best:


  1. What do you do to students whose papers begin with "Since the dawn of time..." and "In today's society..."? Those make me froth at the mouth, but does anyone DO anything to stop students from writing that?

  2. "In a world where..." Haven't gotten this intro, yet.

    1. I have. Just this semester, in fact. I laughed out loud, and tagged the line with a comment about reading the whole essay in the movie announcer's voice. Doubt the student got the point...

  3. @ TCC -- Threats of abduction and a shallow grave. It seems to have worked.

  4. Stu Dent: What can I do to get a B in your class?

    me: Nothing.

    [Exit Stu, smiling and humming. One week passes. Enter Stu, frowning.]

    Stu: Hey! You said I didn't have to do anything to get a B, but you gave me a D!!???

    me: That's not how it happened. You didn't ask what you HAD to do. You asked what you COULD do, and I answered "nothing", because at that point you were already mathematically excluded from such a lofty lettergrade. Now, had you asked me what you could do to avoid a D, I'd have suggested you turn in the last assignment, for you had a shot at a C minus before you blew that off. And before you even ask: no extensions.