Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This is why we shouldn't check our email on Friday evenings...

Mr. Nephilim

I came to today's class about (half an hour late) upon which you had already dismissed the class for lab time (our location was written on the board with the assignment) on the assignment (sic). (Except for the 4 students who were in the room, working on the assignment on their laptops) I returned to class (after I had dismissed the students who did attend on time) and missed you again so I'll leave the paper with you in your office. (Faculty vacate as soon as humanly possible on Friday. We have lives too dear, though I did check the room on two occasions only to find it empty, just like the halls.)
Thanks so much, “

Day Dampening Deidra

Well, at least she did the damn thing. Oh wait, she sent another email claiming she was unable to get into the office (naturally) and sent it to the digital drop-box. Which is empty. The incredible, assignment eating drop-box has struck again.

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  1. I hope this just went into the trash. That's where I'd filter it to go.