Monday, May 12, 2014

The Real Sunday Comics

OK, let's try our Sunday Comics again.  Things got a little sideways this weekend but we're ready to go now.

Here's a nice parody of Do You Want to Build a Snowman for faculty:

A professor on Twitter reminded me of all the Xtranormal cartoon videos about students and faculty.  We used to see some of these on College Misery but I don't remember if this particular one appeared there or not.  It's a classic.


  1. OK, who can I shoot for having that song now stuck in my head?

  2. I make it a point not to be in the office for several days after turning in grades. Any e-mail I get I answer with a fake vacation message, which says that I will be doing field research in the Atacama desert this summer and won't be back until August 15. That usually holds the little bastards.

    This year I have a special treat, however. My physician's daughter is in my class. She's likely to get a D or F, since she's rarely come to class or done any homework all semester. If my physician gives me any shit about it, I'll remark that SOME of us PROFESSIONALS are expected to keep things CONFIDENTIAL, and that I was unaware that her being a student in my class was a matter of public record. I'll then demand a FERPA release form signed in my physical presence by both of them.

    I'll also consider switching physicians. I've wanted to tell him that if I spoke to students the way he spoke to me, they'd complain to my overseer. It also really isn't good to make wisecracks while carrying out a prostate exam.