Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Five Stages of Grade-Grubbing

Aloha AWC,

I attempted to outline the Five Stages of Grade-Grubbing on my own blog but I know that AWC's distinguished readership can suggest improvements.

There's Denial ("but I'm an A student!"), Anger ("You've singlehandedly crushed my dreams of medical school with your totally unfair grading!"), Bargaining, Bargaining, Bargaining...

Come to think of it, maybe it veers away from the Kubler-Ross model when the "Bargaining" stage escalates to the "threats, grievances, and parents going full Boeing Apache on the dean" stage?

-- Farnkie Bow


  1. I liked this Farnkie or Frankie or whoever the Bow you are. I even looked up the Kubler-Ross stages to see what I could do to add to the fun. But I've never had a student in the stage of Resignation; more's the pity.

  2. Thanks PG, I didn't even notice the typo. Farnkie is apparently my secret (end-of-semester, grading-essays-till-my-eyeballs-bleed, fingers ignore commands issued by brain) identity. No, most of my students don't seem to make it to the Resignation/Acceptance stage either. It's all Denial-Anger-Bargaining, playing in an infinite loop.