Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday comics

For those of your who couldn't get the song from Frozen out of your heads because of last week's song parody, I hope this helps.  PhD Comics compares academia to Frozen.

CronkNews is a good source for Onion-like humor about our profession.  At graduation time, this seems almost beyond parody: With Torture Banned, CIA Tries Graduation Ceremonies.

The only thing that makes me roll my eyes more than the graduation speeches full of platitudes given to their captive audience is the controversies regarding inviting then disinviting commencement speakers.  Stephen Carter makes some humorous points about this in his mock graduation address.

This video points out the many silly but seemingly effective ways that we are manipulated through commercials.

Why hasn't somebody made a similar video about university commercials or recruitment brochures?

Have a good Sunday!

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  1. Except these are the components of a TV show where I go to the kitchen, use the restroom, let in/out the cats, fast-forward the DVR....