Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday comics

First up, a student's YouTube video sent in by Contemplative Cynic. I don't even know where to begin with this one. I don't care if you went to church today or not. Watch this and you'll stand up and say, "Preach it!"

Horrible Meanie Prof send us a link to post from Shit My Students Write. "The most fun while grading EVERRRRR! Well, maybe not as fun as playing grading drinking games (every time they write "based off of" take drink), but check out the grading bingo."

The whole Shit My Students Write website is pretty funny. And who says you can't play grading bingo AND drink?

An anonymous reader sent this link about computers grading computer-generated essays. from Happy Nice Time People. I think we are progressing faster towards making people as dumb as computers, rather than making computers are smart as people.

For those of you who noticed that College Misery's old website was offline last week, rejoice!  It is now back.  This has happened once or twice before.  I don't know why but they keep coming back.

Have a good Sunday!


  1. I should post that video on Blackboard.

  2. I hope that kid really does become a teacher.

  3. That was brilliant. There's wine on the monitor from the section where he IS a professor. I wish I could say that. I think I will.