Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday links

Contingent Cassandra sends in a link to the Priceonomics article PhD Deluge, which describes the gap between skills learned as grad students in science & engineering and skills needed by scientists and engineers in industry.  Apparently, working long hours for very little money as a grad student aren't the only skills you need.

The NY Times had a recent editorial about college legacy preferences at the ivies.  At my school, we let in anybody whose tuition check clears so we don't have this problem.  Lucky us.

Honest to God, I accidentally stumbled upon this article while doing a legitimate literature search for another topic.  No, I was not googling "hot easy professor."  (I would never do that at work.)  Anyway, the article describes a study of RMP comments by students.  Spoiler: students like professors who don't make them think.

Crayon Eater brought this article about adjunct labor organization to my attention.  If adjuncts played sports, it would be easier to unionize at a university.

Have a good weekend!

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