Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Comics

We actually have a real honest-to-goodness comic.  I'd post it but they are all good.  I especially like this one.  One of these days, when I get around to adding a list of favorites to the side bar, Academic Avenger will be there.

It's bad enough that students rate their professors.  Now they draw us too.  I can see how this site could benefit us in two ways.  First, it's a repository of artwork of suitably bad quality to qualify as graphics for AWC.  Dr. Amelia, who provided this link, suggests that we could draw students.  That's a good idea, though I personally spend all my creative talents making voodoo dolls of them.

Have a good Sunday!


  1. I love those! Thanks for introducing me to a new fun comic to which I can relate (cubicle life isn't MY life!).

  2. I kinda like the professor drawings. They mostly seem to be poking fun, if at all, in a way that suggests the students actually have some sense of the professor and his/her interests. Much better than just seeing the professor as an impediment to a social life, a degree, and/or an A.

    And now I'm missing Sam Folkchurch (who draws professors, and students, much better).