Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday links

A student builds a Lego figure as part of her resume.  Clever but I'm not impressed with the Lego figure itself.  I built stuff better than that when I was eight.

Miley 101: 10 celeb-inspired college courses
Because you can't get enough Miley.


  1. So she turned this in as her resume? Um... if she were four, I'd be impressed.

    I think I would quit if I had to talk about Miley in more than a single class. She comes up in a discussion on how celebrity women market themselves, but I can barely facilitate that without wanting to let them out early.

    1. Would you have less respect for me if I admitted that I own a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes? If the answer is yes, then I deny it!!!

  2. I used Lego in some of my courses, though I was teaching drafting and CAD. Many designers I worked with in industry used things like Lego and pipe cleaners to help them visualize what they were working on. But as part of one's CV?