Saturday, April 12, 2014

One more link from Trish from Texarkana: If I only had a staff of 100...

then maybe I too could be featured in the NY Times.

The problem with this is the misguided idea that teaching involves entertaining students, when real teaching is dealing with students who don't have the skills to learn. The hard back breaking work of teaching is convincing these students to work on getting basic skills. And grading. And preparing classes. And working overloads to afford research trips and conference trips. And books.

I'd like to see the same coverage of the community college professor teaching in bare bones room, with no staff, broken window blinds, and tables that collapse under the weight of a hand.

Check out this article on the 10 Courses With a Twist.  Some flava:

Some professors can make a subject sing, and their courses are not just a credit but an event...


Professor: David J. Malan

Class size: With 700 students, CS50 is nipping at the heels of Harvard’s biggest class, N. Gregory Mankiw’s Econ 10.

CS50 includes pizza-fueled hackathons and final projects displayed at a balloon-festooned fair.
Class experience: Dr. Malan says that he (and a staff of 102) “are really setting out to create not a course for students, but a college experience.

 -- Trish from Texarkana


  1. With a staff of 102, that comes to 6.9 students per staff member. Not including the professor.

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