Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Caption time!

Have at it.


  1. Oh my god! We've both been invited to train in Europe??!! That Strelnikov guy ROCKS!!

  2. Wow!! I got a D, I passed!!!!! I passed!!!!!

  3. Black sweater: OMG! We, like, so totes fooled that teacher!

    Green shirt: It's true! (Squee!) It's, like, so not plagiarism when you purchase your paper from Pap-r-Mart(™)! Instant A!

    Black sweater: It's like an A for shopping!

    Brought to you by Pap-r-Mart. 100% original and not plagiarized papers custom written for the ultimate student satisfaction, leaving you fresh as a daisy(™).

  4. Black: OMG! We've both been accepted by Podunk University! We can get our degrees by doing nothing but texting and partying all day!

    Green: Full scholarship and everything! Straight A's simply for showing up whenever we feel like it once per term!

  5. Wait, he sent you a poem, too? YAY!!!!! HE LOVES US BOTH!!!!

    Oh.... wait....

  6. I can't believe it! They just took all that crap I said on my essay as, like, real?! And, like, I'm in?