Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Welcome to new readers!

For those of you who care, things are humming along here at the AWC Research Lab.  If I get my new Twitter addiction under control, they say that I'll be able to see my family again.  I miss the wife and the two children.  Or is it three?  Wait, maybe one of them is a pet.  I distinctly remember three small things in the pictures with me and Mrs. Beaker.

Based on the pageviews, I suspect that we have some new readers lurking around here.  Let's get to know you by sending us the smackdowns, letters you can never send or baffling stories about by snowflakes.  You could be the next (first?) big star of AWC.  With a little luck, you'll finagle a couple of good posts into your own reality show.  Then we'll all be jealous and talk about you on Twitter.

Don't worry, we've got enough in the tank to get us through tomorrow.  morning.

I am, as always,

Your faithful moderator,

Beaker Ben


  1. Glad to see you've come around to Twitter. I remain, as ever, a gleeful follower.

  2. I intend to send some along at some point, right after I get over the crushing existential despair of this semester.

    Of once I get a couple tumblers of whisky in me. Whichever comes first.

    1. I've been waiting for the crushing existential despair to leave for 7 years now. Perhaps it's time to give in to the booze.