Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesdays with Twitter

OK, you know about the Twitter feed in the sidebar.  That's mostly just retweeting stupid stuff that students say.  The Tuesday Twitter post will now be devoted to my favorite recent Tweets from other academics that I follow.  They are fantastic.  Here are some more.


  1. I'm sitting here trying to figure out whether students would feel at least as justified in being horrified by the professorial tweets as I am by many of the student tweets. Admittedly I'm biased (or "bias," as many of my students would say), but it seems to me that professors are at least (1) not threatening/imagining violence against their students (perhaps because they're aware that that can get you arrested?) and (2) more frequently show an actual willingness to engage in the process of education, no matter how much they/we complain about it. But the student comments do vary widely -- widely enough that it isn't really fair to generalize -- and I am biased. I just wish there weren't quite so much free-floating anger, often in response to professorial behavior that sounds reasonable (and/or to circumstances beyond the professor's control) in the tweets.

    1. In the students' defense (did I just write that?), some of these tweets go back several years. There's not very many tweets about violence. There are many more about "regular" poor behavior - sleeping through class, not doing their homework, etc. I don't show any of the tweets which show them proud of getting a good grade or tweets where the professor is at fault. What you see in the sidebar are real tweets but it creates a skewed image of student behavior.

      OK, I'm done being nice to them.