Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesdays with Twitter

Today on a very special edition of Tuesdays with Twitter, it's the heartwarming story of

Read the Fucking Syllabus

I couldn't let this one pass by without pointing out the obvious.

File these under W for "We just can't win."

Look out, I think somebody has figured us out.

I like the cut of this man's jib.

You might think that we're losing this battle.  Only faculty ever care about this.  Certainly, a country/rap* artist would never show us any support, right?


*  They call it "hick-hop."  I shit you not.  Here's a sample Cowboy Troy video.


  1. Um, wow.

    "My Last Yee Haw" ... "My Last Duchess" it ain't.

  2. This last one hits it exactly right. Modern students will not read anything, ever, no matter what the carrot or the stick, so we need to read it to them, much like "Charlotte's Web" was read to us in 5th grade. There is no alternative.

  3. I read it to them the first day, give them paper copies and post it online. They STILL ask me questions about it!

  4. We just can't win, can we?

    Also, some of the tweets in the twitter stream in the righthand column are downright scary (also probably enough to get their authors in serious trouble should they be reported to the appropriate authorities. At least I believe -- hope -- that publicly threatening physical violence against a professor on my campus would bring sure and swift action. The threats of stalking until a grade is changed, complaints about grades not appearing in the LMS instantaneously, and the " I pay your salary" stuff, of course, is just standard b.s., and wouldn't.)

    1. I just glanced at some of the messages posted there by students. I'm glad I quit teaching before stuff like that came along. Some of it is downright scary!

  5. Angus Johnston claims to be a prof, then calls "you should have read the syllabus" a dick move.

    With colleagues like these...

    1. I didn't read her tweet carefully and missed that she was a professor. How sad. We should call out students on Twitter when they say something dumb but there are some people I just won't engage