Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday comics

How might you warn students to avoid majoring in liberal arts?  Maybe this will work.

We often complain about students relying on the latest technology.  This guy seems to agree with us but still gets in trouble.

There are eight types of professors.  Which one are you?

Last for today is a comic strip about grading.  Here's Something Positive.


  1. I'm a special type of number 3: one who carries a STAPLE GUN. (Twitch! Twitch!)

  2. I think they missed #9 out:
    Prof who struggles now and again, but does his / her best and pretty much most of the time gets the job done.

    1. Exactly! Some professors actually do their jobs well.

  3. Did anyone notice that, in the technology video, the students on laptops were clearly surfing the web?