Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday morning links

As always, this week's set of links are provided by the generous contributions of readers like you.

Academics often wonder where snowflakes come from, how the form and what makes them so snowflaky.  It's all mere speculation until science gets involved.  Witness the birth of a snowflake.

From the birth of a snowflake to the loss of a potential academic.  His loss is your gain.  Now there's one more open position in a history department.

I've read plenty of diatribes about those crazy new college courses.  I once had to listen (because he paid my tuition) to my father complain that the "Literature of Rock and Roll" class I took was a waste of my time.  "Why don't you take a class about interpreting poetry or learn how African American culture influenced music?"  Yeah.  If only such a course existed, Dad.

Anyway, I don't give those type of complaints much thought.  However, it never occurred to me that unusual courses have unusual names which makes it hard for the admissions office to evaluate them.

Enjoy your Saturday.  We have a weekend thirsty coming up later that you don't want to miss.


  1. "But they also had good timing - graduating during the minor hiring renaissance of the late 90s," spoke to me.

  2. Street-Fighting Mathematics makes perfect sense to me as a course title, but I've had to figure out all manner of writing courses and whether we would accept them for transfer credit. My favorite was a class called "Musings," which turned out to be a class in the lesser-known works of famous writers.

  3. What can a poor boy do, except to cling to the straight and true path?
    'Cause in sleepy Cambridge town they found a place for my Street-Fighting Math!