Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Links

A happy Saturday to all.  When you've finished your sugary cereal and watched your favorite cartoons (they still have Saturday morning cartoons, don't they?), here are some links for your perusal.

How can faculty avoid giving boring PowerPoint presentations to their students?  This boring PowerPoint presentation will show you.

Trigger warning:  This article about trigger warnings in higher education contains no information about Roy Roger's horse.

By coincidence, we were just talking about students changing a professor's grades.  This is another approach to take.


  1. Well, "Watter" put me in mind of Bill Watterson, so I'm not sending anything!

  2. Right now I'm watching Jonny Quest, whom helicopter parents have probably banned from TV. I have the complete first season in DVD. Pterodactyls! Explosions! Robot spies! Energy-intensive high-tech! Preteens wielding rifles and machetes! Villains whose red-faced carelessness causes their own violent deaths! I'm in 7th heaven.