Friday, March 28, 2014

More mail!

Dr. Beowulf wasn't the only person receiving email from the enemies of higher education.  I got this:

My first thought was, how the hell did they get my email address?  Then I remembered that I had contacted them to complain that students had rated me for a class I didn't teach.  They took down the incorrect student comments but were kind enough to save my email for their mass marketing.

Perhaps we should modify this to say, "Give yourself the ratings you deserve!"  I think it's only fair.  After all, I was in that class too and I think I did a marvelous job.

-- Bob from Bennington

1 comment:

  1. Hmm. . .the "reviewing season" starts earlier than I thought, or at least RMP would like it to start earlier, presumably in time for there to be some new reviews for students working on their schedules for next semester to find. At least at my school, I have the sense that students are losing interest. But soon after midterm grades isn't a bad time to try to persuade the digruntled to "give [their] professors the ratings they deserve!"

    Guess I'd better get to work.