Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letters from my adorbs freshies

Dear Dr. Amelia...

Q. I have an early flight to go away for spring break. So how do I make up the midterm?

A. You don't. How lucky is that?

Q. I heard from Susie that we have a midterm tomorrow (in 6 hours). Can I you tell me where on the LMS the study guide is? I want to be prepared to do my best.

A. It is right there, the first item. It's called "Midterm Study Guide."  But don't bother yourself. It won't help at this point. You might have better luck with a good night's sleep and a robust round of hoping for the best. Nighty nite!

Q. Is the hamster fur something or other that we spent two weeks on in class going to be on the test?

A. It is now. Thanks for the suggestion!

Q. I hope you don't think I'm scatterbrained, but how do I know what I am supposed to have read at this point in the semester?

A. ... ... ... ...   There's a copy of the syllabus I gave you in class on the LMS. The file is called "Syllabus"  That's "Syllabus" with a U. Good luck!

You guys rock!

Dr. A.


  1. Ahh the mystical syllabus. Such a brilliant document, holding vast secrets of how to complete a course successfully and transform from snowflake to a functioning adult learner. Pity it always seems to be written in a language and dialect that none of them can decipher. Like English.

  2. Ah, acculturation. I really think professors teaching freshmen (and transfers, and returnees, and the generally clueless -- okay, all undergrads) should get a course release for supporting this invisible part of the curriculum, which is, indeed, taught almost entirely in DL (email) format (with occasional forays into discussions before, after, and -- if we don't watch out -- during class, and very occasional moments in office hours). I suspect grad professors could make a similar argument.

    1. It's sad when a grad student doesn't want to read the syllabus. Sad for them...

  3. I love when they remind me of things I've forgotten to include in the final exam. It's usually something I've warned them to write down by saying, "This will probably show up on your final," simply to get the dude who's slowly dismantling his paper coffee cup to stop doing that and write something the fuck down, but it's funny the things they recall when they have to.