Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hearts? WTF?

Around here, we're all about the misery and the suffering and the living hell caused by our students, colleagues and administrators in higher education.  It says just that in the sidebar.

There's more to being an academic than what happens in class, the lab and meetings.  What happens on campus, we bring home.  This ain't Vegas, baby.  There might be somebody special who has to deal with us.  I've observed that we are not the easiest people to deal with, because of despite all of our degrees and big brains.

What's it like for your significant other to deal with an academic?  


How do you deal with an SO who isn't an academic?  


If you're both academics, God help you, how do you manage?  

These can be happy (gasp!) descriptions of how you make it work which can guide others in the same situation.  You can write about how academia destroyed a good relationship.  Be creative.

This isn't a Thirsty.  This is bigger.  I'm asking you or your SO to send me answers to any of these questions.  I'll post them as part of an ongoing series.  Our first entry will appear soon.

Thanks to Contemplative Cynic for the idea!


  1. My girlfriend is a professional singer. She was a music major in college, and is not an academic or a scientist like me. She thinks "The Big Bang Theory" is the funniest show on TV, because she thinks that's my physics department. It's disturbing to realize that she may be right.

    Music is a demanding major. She'd never heard of premeds and how much trouble they are, before I told her. But then, anytime I describe academia to anyone who hasn't been in it for a while, I feel like Clarence telling George Bailey upon arrival to Pottersville: "You're going to see things you don't like here, George."

  2. Hey now, let's not give it away down here. Send me your stories so I can post them for all to see.